Have you been wanting to clean out your closet for ever but never quite get it finished?!

One of my segments at our “High Tea Style Me” afternoons last year was on Cleaning out your wardrobe. We discussed tips on making this task easier! We also can help out with your wardrobe sort out in store and now at yours! Wardrobe styling.

It took me a while but Iv done it, I have  completed mine and what a difference having a workable wardrobe without the clutter . makes to your life. Here’s why....




  1. I can find everything. This is somewhat a miracle as my wardrobe is mostly black!
  2. I wear everything in my wardrobe now. 
  3. Everything in my wardrobe mixes and matches really well. I do cheat a bit because I wear mostly black but I do work with woman who love colour too and their feedback is the same. 



After doing some research online about woman and their habits I found a couple of great tips, along with how I do my clean out here’s some useful steps below...

  1. What do you wear? Turn all your hangers so they face the same way. Give yourself a time frame. This can be anywhere from 3 - 6 months. When you wear and wash your pieces put back in the wardrobe with the hanger facing the opposite way.
  2. Have a clear goal when cleaning out your closet. Mine was I’m only keeping what I wear. Take out the garments that are still facing the original way in your wardrobe. The garments still in your wardrobe are your ‘KEEP’ items. With what you have left have 2 piles only. Re home or Donate.
  3. Re home to a second hand shop or trade me  if you want to get some money back especially if they are designer items. Alternatively gift to friends or family. 
  4. Donate to charity. My favorite is Dress for Success, this organisation dress woman reentering the work force or woman who need help with a suitable work wardrobe. A couple of other options, Your local clothing bin or Nurse Maude.





Take action and clear your clean out garments and Re home garments the same day you sort through the wardrobe.

Once you complete the steps including the 'To finish' section, you be able to clearly see what you need to add into your wardrobe to complete it. We have made it easy online at Key Black by categorizing styles. Click on basics and they will come up etc...  







Buy wisely. Invest in garments that suit your lifestyle. When dressing for events ask yourself “Can I wear this after the event” if the answer is no or not often don’t buy it! 



It may seem scary as your wardrobe is so empty, you can now see there’s a wall behind your clothes! Remember these are the pieces that you have worn for 3-6 months and you never went out without clothes on so you’ll be OK! 


  1. Hang all of your pants at the front 
  2. Followed by your basics (any slips, under garments)
  3. Next are your tops
  4. Tunics
  5. Dresses
  6. Jackets and dusters

To have your garments sorted in your wardrobe makes for a stress free morning. Start at the front with your pants & basics then add your tops and over piece. 

Once you have completed your clean out you will now be able to see what you need to complete your wardrobe. This will help you to invest wisely. Add garments that are needed and garments that you are going to wear everyday. 



 90% of woman only wear 20% of their wardrobe? 

 Why do we keep the other 80% in our wardrobe? 

 “Just in case I lose weight”

Move out your skinny clothes for some of us by the time we get back to that size these pieces will be out of fashion! 

 “I might wear it one day”

No if you haven’t worn it for the past 6-24 months the reality is you probably won’t wear it again! 

 “I’m saving it for good”

No no no don’t do this if you are spending good money on clothes you need to be wearing them every day not buying clothes for “good” 


There are some exceptions to the rule and use these tips as guide lines. The extra garments I kept that I hadn’t worn for a while were a couple of black dresses, gowns and my winter jackets. These are pieces that I am good at wearing given the right weather or occasion and we don’t need to always buy a new gown every time we have something fancy to go to! 



I've added the Thumbelina or 3/4 sleeve base to give a layer of warmth now the weather is cooling down. I am mostly wearing this under the OTE tunic that is already in my wardrobe with some Opaque tights & sometimes leggings.

The OTE top I now have in the wardrobe to wear with the new SK pants that are due in store soon. This top I will wear under the new Whaea jacket that is also due in store this month. Picture shown below.


Sabatini cardi This style I tried on a number of times before adding it to my wardrobe, it has been a life saver with the sudden drop in temperature & goes great over the shorter style tunics I wear.

*** Sport SK & Whaea Jacket***



Start sorting, Have fun and let me know your results!

R - Key Black x

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