Need a new look for 2020? 

It's almost the start of a new year, now is the time to think about your look and style for 2020. Do you want a new look? Have you been thinking about a new style? Do you want to refresh your current wardrobe?

I like to start fresh for a new year and it is fun to revamp your look and clean out the wardrobe! Think about what your wearing now and what pieces you enjoyed wearing last year. Then move out the styles you did not wear! I know you all have these hiding in the wardrobe perhaps you have some 'skinny clothes' your keeping just in case? Why not replace them with clothes that make you feel and look good!

Try something new this year, set yourself a challenge and make steps to refreshing your wardrobe in 2020. Sometimes a refresh means cleaning out the closet, you can check out my blog on this one below to help you along the way...

Tips for cleaning out the closet 


Go through your basics. Having good basics will make your wardrobe 100% easier to work. The way I categorize basics are pieces that go with almost everything in your wardrobe. Some of the main MUST HAVE examples below.


 Valpy Dress Short use this style to wear under all your jackets, coats and cardis.  Valpy Dress Long, the long version is for the taller ladies or a mid calve for the shorter ladies.
Key Black Base Legging check out if leggings are for you here. Our long legging is one of our top selling product ever. High waist and no roll down here! Key Black Base Legging Short. Use this length in your casual wardrobe. Perfect for exercise & weekends. Add length to your shorter tunics and dresses.
Tank top this style is used for under all your see through garments, made in a Viscose spandex so a good breathable garment. 3/4 Sleeve Base, a very popular style to add a sleeve under sleeveless tunics and dresses. Tip wear firm fitting.
Skinny pant. Some plus size woman can be a bit scared of a Skinny pant, but this style has surprised many and adds a slim line in a sturdy fabric that wont show all the bumps underneath. Wide leg pant. A style that can be dressed up for work or worn in the weekend. Comments on these pants "the most comfortable pant I'v worn ever" Suitable for short or tall ladies due to the drape.
Valpy Slip. This one is a must and comes in seasonal colours and prints. Works as a layering piece or a dress for under jackets and coats. Poncho Our popular arm cover. One size and a few colour choices each season. Our summer version is light weight and provides light cover.


Ok so you have good solid base styles in your wardrobe, I suggest you do invest into the basics first... good basics will wash and wear and last you for years without loosing their shape. Think colours and what basic colours will work with the colours you wear. They do cost a little more initially when buying good quality ones but remember you don't have to replace them as often as some cheaper ones. Check out our payment plans to help build your wardrobe. WEAR NOW PAY LATER

Now you have your basics sorted this is what you need to add into your wardrobe. When adding your fashion styles try to match colours that will mix with the basics and your jackets. We can help you with this is store. Remembering your basics should all mix and match like the 10 examples above.


Fashion pieces to add to work in with your base wardrobe.

TOPS - Add tops that can work with your pants and can also be layered over the basic tanks and slips to change the looks from pant top to a skirt top look. You want to have around 3 - 5 tops to give good options with your looks.

TUNICS - Your tunics are easy to mix in with the basics and again can be mixed up to show different looks using the same fashion piece. As an example Tunic and leggings or Tunic and slip dress. Maybe around 2- 5 tunics.

DRESSES - It is useful having dresses in your wardrobe you can dress these up for work or events but make sure you can bring into your everyday wardrobe too. In store when after finding a look for your occasion I like to show you a few ways to wear for work or weekends. This way they do not end up hanging in the wardrobe collecting dust. Start with a couple of dresses if you have a couple options in your base wardrobe like the examples above.

OVER BITS - This can include, Jackets, Coats, Ponchos, Cardigans. I recommend having at least a couple of long ones and a couple of short ones. The poncho is great to dress a look up or to add a layer of warmth. I would say around 5 - 6 over bits, 2 long, 2 shorter, Poncho style.

ACCESSORIES - To finish add your accessories to work in with your daily looks.

Here's a quick overview of the 10 basics we looked at above and the fashion styles they will work with...

1. Valpy dress short SOME YES
2. Valpy dress long SOME YES
3. Long base legging YES YES YES YES
4. Short base legging YES YES YES YES
5. Valpy tank YES YES YES YES
6. 3/4 Sleeve tank YES YES YES YES
7. Skinny pant YES SOME YES
8. Wide leg pant YES YES SOME YES
9. Slip dress YES YES YES YES
10. Poncho YES YES YES


Are you ready for a make over in 2020? Book a FREE styling at Key Black today. If you are out of town check out our style package option or see our Pop up locations & Shopping trip dates.

What we recommend when looking at revamping the wardrobe is to bring some pieces in store that you would like to work in with your new look and we can restyle them for you. Bring in all your base styles and we will show you how to match them with other styles to change your look. 

After a styling at Key Black We will create a wish list for you so you can build your wardrobe at your own pace.

See you for your new look in 2020!

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