Ok who wants a step by step guide to getting an ideal wardrobe together?

We started tonight chatting about my ideal amount of pants and basics that I work with in my wardrobe, along with a challenge for you to get sorting!

I like to teach you ideal pieces so you can start working out what you already have in the wardrobe that can work as my suggested pieces. Once this audit is done you should have your wardrobe cleaned out and know exactly what you need in the wardrobe and what you may need to add to the wardrobe! 

Here goes...

(This is a guide line similar to what I have or what I Recommended to have in the wardrobe, remember to change it up a bit depending on your lifestyle. If you need help or to book a styling contact store@keyblack.co.nz)


Wide leg / Lounge pant 1 - Plazo type pant that can do work / weekend or after 5.
Slim line pant / Jeans 3 - If you are not a slim line pant girl add additional wide leg
Leggings 3 - This gives you wash and wear options in
Legging short  2 - These are great for exercise and to wear as an alternative to shorts in summer.
Skirt 2 - (1 short / 1 long)
Pants and Skirts Summary  11 bottom pieces - A mixture of the above pieces will provide you with multiple ways to wear your fashion pieces. If you do not wear skirts change these for pants and play around until you have around this number of bottom base styles.


Short basics with sleeve  2 - To wear with pants & jeans and to add warmth.
Longer basic with sleeve 4 - To wear with leggings & to add warmth
Warmer basic with sleeve 2 - To work into the winter days.
Short Singlet  2 - To work with pants and to go under Summer see through pieces
Longer singlet or slip dress.  2 - To work as a base under your see through pieces or as a base under jackets and dresses.
Long line basic 1 - To change up your looks
Base tops and slips summary 13 pieces. Remember mix it up, as an example, if you don’t wear leggings you may add more short basics then the longer ones.

With basics use pieces you already have and build up your Key Black basics wardrobe over time.


Ok your turn!

The first challenge of our Wardrobe audit is for you to have a bit if a clear out so you can get into your wardrobe and really look at what you have. If you have a spare room where you can take out what you are not wearing do this...
De clutter those styles I know you haven’t worn for 6 months or more and I know some of you have had those pieces in your wardrobe for years! Move them out and move on!!!

To help... if you are one who can’t let go try the Hanger flip method and promise yourself if they are not flipped in a number of months they move out of your wardrobe making way for you to sort through and maybe add some new!

Hanger Flip
1. Give yourself a timeframe
2. Flip all your hangers around the opposite way to what you normally hang them.
3. Wear / Wash / Hang back in the correct way.
4. Anything left in the wardrobe at the end of your timeframe these come out of the wardrobe to sort through.
5. The ones that are hanging the correct way stay.

More tips here



Right so the first challenge was to clear out some of your unworn pieces and start to monitor what you are and are not wearing.

(The hanger flip method is good to help here) See Part 1 on how to do the hanger flip method.

The KEY to this wee project is to make sure you are utilising your whole entire wardrobe and to make sure that it is easy every morning to get dressed, look good and have a good mix of what you want to wear.


Clothes cost money so we want to be wearing our pieces and not have ‘money’ hanging in the wardrobe not being worn.


  1. Buy less, Choose wisely
  2. Be styled when you shop to make sure you are adding the correct pieces for your wardrobe and your lifestyle.
  3. 1 piece / 3 ways

Often I dress woman who have a top or a dress or a jacket and they have limited pieces or nothing in the wardrobe to go with it. It is important when we add to the wardrobe that the new piece fits in with your little family of basics and fashion pieces.

This is what brings me to my next challenge for you girls...


 Pull out the tops & tunics you have in your wardrobe.

If you answer yes to these 3 questions you have a good piece in your wardrobe.

  1. Can you wear with 3 different basics?
  2. Does this piece go under least 2 different over pieces?
  3. Can you do a colour or accessories match with this piece?

If you answer no to the above 3 questions... you need to pull out a note book and write down what pieces you may need to add to complete the following.

If you need help to complete this we do hold complementary stylings in store and we can do a wardrobe audit to make sure you are making the most of what you have and wear. Find out more here https://keyblack.co.nz/pages/out-of-town-style-package

How many tops and tunics should I add to the wardrobe?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this one but there is a guideline to stick to... Of you are going to wear it, add it!

I have below a suggested minimum items I recommend to make life easier when working with your wardrobe...

 Tops 5 Think about your lifestyle, you need some suitable for work, weekend and after 5.
Tunics  5 Think about your lifestyle, you need some suitable for work, weekend and after 5.


Why do I say 5 as a minimum for both of the above?

If you are working your wardrobe to my Wardrobe Audit way by adding the 10 pieces as a minimum you in theory will have 30 different looks by using my audit tips the correct way. Each piece worn 3 different ways will create you a different look for every day of the month!

Most woman have more than 5 tops and 5 tunics so this will give even more looks and you can change the looks up more often.

The Key to this wee project is to make sure what you do have in the wardrobe is USEFUL, not just taking up hanger space.

Happy sorting and for a full rundown of Part 2 of the Wardrobe Audit watch from 7pm on the 21 July 2020!

Click here

See you next Thursday 30 July for Part 3!

Part 3 - Dresses and Jackets

Ok so this is the easy part. The Icing to the cake with a touch of After 5 with your dresses.

Jackets - These are super important, jackets often cost a bit more than other pieces in your wardrobe so you do need to be choosing a jacket that works with lots of different looks in your wardrobe... It's the icing on the cake, jackets and cardies finish your look off. Learn today some alternatives that can give your wardrobe that edge...

Your challenge this week and next week...


- Put all your jackets, and over pieces together in the wardrobe. I normally have these at the end of the rack.

- Everyday try of a few of these jackets over your look for the day. This is a way to test to see if you have good matches for your tops, tunics and dresses. From here we can either create a wish list or take out the over styles that are not going easily with your pieces.

What I recommenced with dresses in the wardrobe...

Do you wear dresses?

1. NO - Is this because you are not comfortable in dresses?

Lets try! If you are keen to give dresses ago, I would recommend trying a t shirt dress made in t shirting with good stretch, this is a way to ease yourself into a comfort dress that can open up your wardrobe.

Make them casual: For me, I am not a big wearer of dresses, I tend to bring them back to my comfort zone by wearing them more casual. Dresses also come in handy as your events come up too.

2. NO - Is this because you think dresses don't suit you?

You are shopping at the wrong places! 

Be styled when you shop, visit a specialist, try dresses that are designed for your shape.

When we make a dress for the Key Black collection, we design around a couple of different body shapes and keep in mind all those things that build up resistance towards dresses. Boobs, Bums, Knees, Legs, Arms, you name it we have you covered.

In support of the styles we do our team buy in NZ labels that also work with woman's bodies when designing plus size dresses.

TIP - If you have a lot of print dresses, go for plain jackets.

My advice - Be styled and visit your local stores who often have stylists quite close to the design team so will know what you need as you walk in. Just play, once you find a dress to suit this will open up your wardrobe!

See you next week for Part 4!

You can join us for Part 1 through to Part 5 of the wardrobe audit in the Lounge - Click here



Here’s what we will be chatting about

Part 1 We will be discussing what basics will help for a workable wardrobe. Wardrobe audit tips and Week 1 challenge.

Part 2 We chat tops and tunics to go with those basics. Wardrobe audit tips and week 2 challenge.

Part 3 We chat dresses and jackets to tie everything in together. Wardrobe audit tips and week 3 challenge.

Part 4 Discover my idea wardrobe and see all these parts come together. Wardrobe audit tips and week 4 challenge.

Part 5 Putting your work into action. The ultimate wardrobe challenge, changing up your looks!

At the end of this challenge you should have all the tools not just to clean out the closet but to have a wardrobe and or (list of items to add) that all work together.

I’m excited see you for part 2 next week x

To join us for Part 1 - Part 5 of the Wardrobe Audit in the Style Lounge click here WARDROBE AUDIT