OK NZ This is the hottest weather we have had in a while! 35 degrees last Sunday, the air con was set on the coolest setting and the beaches were full! It is a bit of a shock to the system and to the wardrobe!!!

So what should we wear in this heat?

Natural fabrics is a big YES here are a few styles that can be added to your wardrobe to keep you cool in this amazing heat we have been having...


The CONTRAST SILK DRESS is 100% Silk to keep you 100% cool! Silk is a natural fabric so is a great fabric to wear in this warmer weather. With silks a lot of the time they are see through so you do need a petticoat or a slip to wear underneath.

The best basics to wear under these to keep cool are the Valpy Tank like below. 

The VALPY TANK is a perfect base for warmer weather. It is made from Viscose/Spandex that is a man made fabric but is made from wood pulp so mirrors fabric like cotton that allows you to breath.

Note: Our model is over 6ft

Tip: Wear firm fitting


  The ATHENA TUNIC is the perfect style to keep you cool, made in 100% Viscose so breathes and flows. You can add a pair of our Base legging short for length if needed. Our model is 6ft so Athena is longer on most.
The BASE LEGGING short will be a life saver in the warm weather. These are a must have style and the perfect alternative to shorts.



Fabrics you do not overheat in!!


The TAB PANT are 100% Viscose so are perfect when hot out! These ones come in black too.

Shown here with the FRILL TOP in pink.

My Favorite for the weekend is the above look but with my 3/4 leggings. It's super comfortable and suits a day at home or venturing out.


VALPY DRESS - Made in a Viscose Spandex, built for comfort and provides great shape.


MARYM DRESS is made with a beautiful silk with plain black back. High side spilits and would work well when you have events this season.



So the KEY to dressing in the warmer weather is being conscious of what fabrics you wear if you are one to get over heated. If you layer the Viscose/Spandex Basics is a good fabric to wear as it does breathe. So keep the layer piece light and sleeveless if it's not in a natural fabric.

My favorite Summer look for the weekend is either the 3/4 legging with the crop top as shown above, this is cool and can be dressed up for work with a long line jacket or light cardi. 

Why do we do sleeveless styles?

The sleeveless styles are for the woman who don't like to feel restricted and who get a bit hot with a sleeve you can have the option to take your jacket off. If you like to cover the arms we always carry pieces that can work with our sleeveless styles. We do recommend in our styling's that you should go sleeveless and try to get comfortable with this look even if its just around home to start with. I tend to wear sleeveless I get too hot with sleeves, I prefer to do jacket over sleeveless.

If you prefer to cover arms the Summer poncho is great, these ones can fit in the handbag and be swapped out for your jacket if it gets hot.



TIPS when dressing for the hot Summer days...

1. Take a Summer poncho in your bag in case it gets super hot while your out and about or at a function.

2. When layering keep it light and wear from our Viscose/Spandex basics range this fabric breathes.

3. Try natural fabrics like some of the styles shown above. Natural fabrics will keep you cool.

4. Try a Valpy Skirt (in store) or a long line base like the Lilly Layer dress. If super hot these can be cooler than wearing pants.

5. Pants - try the 3/4 legging these will be a life saver, I wear them as I do not suit shorts. The other pant to wear is the TAB pant. 100% Viscose you will not over heat in these.

6. Loose fitting sleeve. I find if I have a loose fit top or dress this is cooler than a fitting sleeve.


For more styling tips you can book in to see us at KEY BLACK we do free styling's and can show you the styles that can help your Summer wardrobe!

Have a great week x