Online styling & confidence course...

If you experience feelings of self doubt this course is designed to help overcome low self esteem… Maybe you are not so confident in styling your body shape & not sure what to do when it comes to fashion. What if there was a process to help improve your confidence? Not just in fashion but just to feel better about yourself in general!

✅ Learn how your morning routine can help your confidence

✅ Discover where low self confidence comes from

✅ Develop your self styling skills

✅ Learn what body shape you are & what pieces work for your shape

✅ Gain confidence by learning how to build the Ultimate everyday wardrobe

✅ Create your own Style file during the Style lounge module

✅ Learn how to shop when your size or shape changes

✅ Learn how to create lasting change with our roadmap to confidence


Imagine feeling more confident everyday!

What if there was a formula to help develop your confidence and create new habits that support your self esteem? Style me confident is more than a styling course, it is a program that gives you the tools to develop and grow your confidence starting from your morning routine. Discover if your people and environment contribute to any feelings of low self confidence. Learn the small things you can do that can lead to massive changes.

Try it risk free, if you get part way through and decide this course is not for you there's a 5 day money back guarantee! You have nothing to loose and only confidence to gain!

STYLE ME CONFIDENT is not just a styling course it’s so much more! SMC will provide you with the tools to help develop your confidence from the inside out! This online course has over 50 lessons & 6 hours of video content that can help you to create lasting change when it comes to your confidence & self styling skills. 


What I have realised working in fashion for almost 20 years and most of that in styling, is that a majority of woman have the same or similar challenges and battles when it comes to their own self confidence. I work with a system that was naturally created during the stylings I hold in store called ‘Look good, feel confident’ this is not to do with vanity, it’s more about how you feel on the inside. After seeing transformations during these stylings, I realised that a lot of the confidence gained during the styling came down to the knowledge of how to put a wardrobe together because when you know what your doing confidence grows. Ok so confidence in styling yourself is one thing but confidence goes a lot deeper it is something that can be developed over time and with the right techniques, it also needs to be worked on always and that is why Style me confident is not just a styling course we dive deeper into where and why you may lack self esteem and so much more. SMC teaches you some easy steps that can help develop and improve confidence on a daily basis.

Don't pay thousands for a styling course, SMC is $497 and you have lifetime access so you can create your own style file and check in on your confidence forever!


The topics we cover in Style me confident

Module 1 - Where to start

✅ How to set up your morning for success

✅ Where lack of self confidence comes from

✅ How to make lasting change

✅ Be kind to you!



Module 2 - Look good feel confident

✅ Make time for yourself

✅ Hair and makeup

✅ To diet or not to diet?

✅ Exercise or nah?

✅ Stop doing this



Module 3 - Style Lounge

✅ How to add florals or prints to a mostly black wardrobe

✅ Style tips for the curvier bust

✅ Why comfort is so important

✅ How to take your looks from day to evening in just 5 minutes

✅ How shoes can define your style

✅ Accessories are your friend

✅ Elongate the body

✅ Know what length to wear

✅ One piece 3 ways


Module 4 - Ultimate everyday wardrobe

✅ Basics

✅ Middle pieces

✅ Over pieces

✅ Accessories

✅ How the wardrobe comes together

✅ How to shop for your lifestyle


Module 5 - When your size or shape changes

✅ How to shop when you are losing weight

✅ How to shop when you got curvy!


Module 6 - How to invest into the wardrobe

✅ Buying cheap does not always mean you are saving money

✅ How to be more environmentally friendly when shopping


Module 7 - The roadmap to confidence

✅ Creating new habits


Module 8 - Bonus module Styling body shapes

✅ Identify your body type

✅ Triangle body shape - Key styling tips

✅ Inverted triangle - Key styling tips

✅ Rectangle

✅ Hourglass

✅ Diamond

✅ Round / Oval


Module 9 - Bonus module Quick fire fashion hacks

✅ Wardrobe hack!

✅ Wardrobe audit hack

✅ 5 things to remove from your wardrobe

✅ Do your shoes have a home?

✅ Styling your basic tops