Are you guilty of only wearing 20% of your wardrobe? 
During our stylings we will teach you how to flip this.
If this sounds like you, have a chat to one of our stylist today!
Take some time out & treat yourself! Be styled at Key Black with a 'Personal styling' or one of our 'Wardrobe styling's'. There is no obligation to purchase, in fact we invite you to bring in pieces from your own wardrobe to be styled in. Be styled & take home a check list on what you need to complete your wardrobe to have it work for your body shape and lifestyle. You will also receive a FREE EBOOK on the guide to the Ultimate everyday wardrobe. Discover our services below.

Style me is like a speed course on all the styling tips you need to confidently put together the Ultimate everyday wardrobe tailored to suit your body shape and lifestyle.

If just ONE of the below is you… Style me is the answer!

⭕️ You only wear a small portion of what’s in your wardrobe

You have lots in the wardrobe but nothing to wear!

⭕️ You are not confident when it comes to fashion.

⭕️ You want to revamp your look.

⭕️ You feel like you don’t dress as nice as others around you.

⭕️ You got curvy or lost weight and are not sure how to dress your new size.

What STLYE ME will do for you…

✅ Gain confidence within yourself

✅ Learn how to work your everyday wardrobe

✅ Discover what styles work for your body shape

✅ Learn how to make fashion work for you and your lifestyle

Knowledge on how to create The Ultimate Everyday Wardrobe

and….. guess what❓you more than likely have almost everything in your current wardrobe so bring in pieces from home. They don’t have to be from Key Black this styling is about creating a mix & match wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. 

Your questions…

⭐️ How do I book?

Checkout online - BOOK HERE

⭐️ How long is the Style me styling session?

Allow at least 2 hours & I find the morning bookings are the best but there will be afternoon sessions to choose from too.

⭐️ How much is Style me?

Style me is only $160

Split your Style me into 4 payments over 8 weeks with Afterpay!

⭐️ What happens once I check out?

- You will receive a confirmation email and a short pre styling questionnaire

- In this email you will receive a selection of date and time slots to choose from

⭐️ What do I need to bring to my personal styling session?

 If you have I recommend bringing a selection of... 

- Basics - Camis, Slips, Leggings, Pants
- Over pieces - A couple of your favourite jackets or cardies
- Pieces you are not sure if they work in your wardrobe - sometimes these pieces can be restyled and sometimes they need to move out!
- Sneaker, Boot, Sandal
It is totally normal to turn up with a large bag or suitcase for your styling and it is also ok if you don't bring some of the above recommended items.
⭐️ What happens after my styling?
You will receive a summary of your personal styling this includes...
- Your body shape and quick shop styles
- Style guide for quick reference personalized to your styling
- Wish list styles (Checklist for what you are missing from the wardrobe)
- Lifestyle circle outcome
- 3 x Styling pre recorded styling videos
- Free EBOOK - The Ultimate Everyday Wardrobe
- FREE Style Me 123 work book - Take notes / Create wish list / Use the checklists / Wardrobe audit notes

⭐️ Where are the Style me stylings held?


Key Black HQ in Wigram or one of our pop up shop locations.


The Suites conference room / 507 West Street

Other locations

By arrangement - there maybe an additional fee to cover travel expenses


⭐️ I have more questions

Email - store@keyblack.co.nz


So if you want to.....

Gain confidence on how to work your wardrobe

Feel more confident within

Identify your body shape

Learn what styles are best suited for your body shape

Learn about the Lifestyle circle and how it helps to identify what you should be adding to the wardrobe

FREE Ebook on the Ultimate Everyday Wardrobe

FREE Style Me 123 work book - Take notes / Create wish list / Use the checklists 


Book your one on one personal styling today 



About your personal stylist

Hey my name is Rachelle and some of you know me through Key Black... I have been in styling for almost 20 years and it is my passion to help teach people how Fashion and the way you style yourself can make you feel great and when we feel great this allows for confidence to grow, not just in fashion but how we feel about ourselves on the inside too. 

If you feel like you need a confidence boost or a style boost... the Style Me program has been helping people for 10 years. It is for the person who has zero knowledge in fashion to the person who knows about fashion but needs a boost. Maybe you are bored with your style and need a lift.... Style me is for you. Maybe you have lost weight or gained weight... Style me is for you too because no matter what your size is, you have the right to feel good about yourself!

I promise this process is not scary... and often I hear at the end of a styling how relaxed and fun it was. A styling I had a few months ago one lady said to me "In all my years of life, I did not realize how easy fashion could be" Another memorable comment I got from a lady as she had tears in her eyes was "I can finally feel like I'm dressed as nice as my sisters" You see this lady thought because she was on the curvy side compared to her sisters that she couldn't be as well dressed. It's seriously not about that it's about how you style your pieces and when you know they are styled good you feel more confident.

I have also converted a few people who hate shopping, I think part of the fear of going shopping is because of bad experiences in the past. This is where Style me can be good for you, because it is a personal styling session and this styling can help you be more confident when you do need to go shopping because you will learn what you need to add and also what styles will suit you so this can cut down your shopping time!

See you in your styling!

Rachelle x

Style Me Book Here


The process - Style Me 

On arrival

Lifestyle cycle catch up - This 



Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? This maybe the styling for you! 

Try one of our wardrobe stylings - After many of our in store wardrobe styling's, we have been asked if we come out to help sort through the wardrobe. Yes we do! To see our process you can visit The Style Lounge where we have 8 steps to a sorted wardrobe.

To find out more information about Wardrobe styling email rachelle@keyblack.co.nz



Live out of town?


Try one of our Style Packages, it's a try before you buy service. If you live out of town or too busy to make it in store try one of our Style Packages.

What is a Style Package?

  • Selection of styles sent to your home for you to try before you buy selected by us or a selection you choose.
  • Styling form that will let you know how to mix and match your style package.
Style Packages available
  • Seasonal parcels - a top up each season. Included in this parcel basic/work/fun/must have's
  • Occasion wear - If you have a special occasion coming up, we can send you some options to try on.
  • New work wardrobe - needing some options for your work wardrobe? We can send you out some looks to try.
  • Just because - You just feel like some new clothes in the wardrobe! We can send you one of our style packages

How it works...

  • Email - store@keyblack.co.nz or Phone - 03 3371495
  • A quick questionnaire on what kind of parcel you require.
  • A credit card number or refundable deposit is required for security.
  • Your Style Package will arrive within 3 days.
  • FREE RETURN - Unwanted styles to be returned with in 3 days of receiving parcel and the best thing is we will send you a returns parcel! We hold limited sizes so a quick turn around is appreciated. 

Try before you buy today with our Out of town Style Package!

Happy Styling!