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To Legging or not to Legging 

Some people have a love hate relationship with leggings...

My thoughts on this one is if they are styled right they look great! The comfort factor is insane and they allow me to wear styles that I would not normally wear. Like short dresses and tunics. I treat mine more like a pair of tights and I agree with the saying “Leggings are NOT pants”

If you are on the short side a slim line on the leg quite often suits when you are wearing floaty tops, or loose fit dresses. At times if you team a floaty with floaty you can get a bit lost. I like to show shape and often legs are a good place to start. 

For taller woman leggings can come in handy for those dresses that may be slightly too short for your height. This is a way of adding length to something without having to layer underneath your dresses and tunics. 

Our popular short leggings for curvy girls! I have tried shorts and they just don’t work for me and my height or body shape. The base legging short is an alternative to those shorts. A great casual look for the weekend and I exercise in mine too. The high waist band prevents that uncomfortable roll down you can get when exercising.

Yes they do finish mid calve so we are breaking the ‘rule’ of not finishing lengths here however they roll easy and they are the perfect length to wear under long tops. It’s ok to break the rules sometimes!

Why don’t we normally finish at this length?

Because on some ladies this can be the widest part of their lower leg normally we would go above or under but trust me on this one this length just works in this style. I sometimes wear them so they finish under the knee too. They don’t roll down. A weekend casual look or beach length. 

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What I have learnt is the legging / pant thing is maybe an age thing. The younger girls seem to wear a pair of leggings with a short top. It is a personal choice, with one of our Stylings we teach you the correct length to wear with leggings and this often depends on what your comfortable with and your body shape. As an example the shorter girls often will wear a top or tunic to above the knee to make the legs look longer. A taller woman may wear just below the knee. This is not a rule it can depend on what your wearing with them. 

I have had over the years a lot of woman thinking they can’t wear leggings due to the size of their legs or due to rolls & lumps and bumps. I say to these ladies come and let me Style you, if they are done right they can seriously open up the wardrobe to other styles that you would not normally wear and I can assure you there won’t be any unwanted lumps and bumps showing!


  • Super comfortable (if you get a good pair with a reasonable high waist on them)
  • Opens up the wardrobe to other styles you may not wear
  • They look great with a pair of heals, ankle boots or a dress sneaker
  • Adds warmth in winter
  • Can be used for exercise 
  • Key Black leggings wash and wear and keep their shape

Must have style in the wardrobe for me...

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Rachelle @ KB x