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Ultimate everyday wardrobe…
In this eBook discover how to build the Ultimate everyday wardrobe, the idea behind this process is to help you confidently work your wardrobe and style what you already have and work out what you may need to add to get that perfect balance to create endless styling options. Once you have the right types of pieces to work with this is when the magic happens! 
The goals are simple 
1️⃣ Never have nothing to wear again
2️⃣ Ultimate mix and match wardrobe to suit your lifestyle
Gain confidence in styling your bodyshape
I’ve made it easy for you - inside this eBook
✅ Basics checklist - basics are like the glue to your wardrobe and you can not skip this step!
✅ Middle pieces checklist 
✅ Over pieces checklist 
✅ Shoes | Accessories checklist 
✅ Discover how and why these styles are the perfect balance
✅ Learn how to have endless styling options
Put your student hat on!
✅ Learn how YOU can work a wardrobe with just 22 key pieces in it… yup just 22 pieces 😱 don't forget your free ebook! ⬇️

Want to dive deeper? 

We are big on teaching everything about fashion, styling and confidence at Key Black. Download your free ebook to get you started and join the Style lounge, it is also free. Discover tips and tricks that will help you develop confidence in styling and within. To level up learn more below about the my person styling service and our online styling and confidence course...
Style Me personal styling [Christchurch and mid Canterbury based]
Style me is like a speed course on all the styling tips you need to confidently put together the Ultimate everyday wardrobe tailored to suit your body shape and lifestyle. Learn more ⬇️
Join the Style lounge ⬇️ Take a look into the lounge and learn how you can confidently style what you have in the wardrobe with our weekly live videos. New arrivals and more also shown in the lounge.
Style me confident [Online styling & confidence course] ⬇️ If you experience feelings of self doubt this course is designed to help overcome low self esteem… Maybe you are not so confident in styling your body shape & not sure what to do when it comes to fashion. What if there was a process to help improve your confidence? Not just in fashion but just to feel better about yourself in general!
✅ Learn how your morning routine can help your confidence
✅ Discover where low self confidence comes from
✅ Develop your self styling skills
✅ Learn what body shape you are & what pieces work for your shape
✅ Gain confidence by learning how to build the Ultimate everyday wardrobe
✅ Create your own Style file during the Style lounge module
✅ Learn how to shop when your size or shape changes
✅ Learn how to create lasting change with our roadmap to confidence


Learning to love your shape…
Once you discover what works for your shape the styling is easy… Tips for small upper body & waist with curvy hips and thighs [pear shape]
✅ A set in sleeve is good for this shape
✅ Belt to emphasise the waist & show off the curves
✅ Jacket length to finish in the smal of the waist or below the curvy hip/thigh area
✅ Coloured or print tops to draw attention to the smallest parts of the body
✅ Plain and darker coloured pants and jeans
Remember guidelines only… rules are meant to be broken - these guides are to keep in mind when shopping and styling this shape!
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3 things to check in on each season
✅ Style audit
Take a look into whats in your wardrobe and work out what pieces work for the current season… 22 key pieces is all it takes and most woman have most of these pieces in the wardrobe already. These styles are covered in UEW ebook.
✅ Fabric check
In the warmer seasons take a look at fabrics worn against the skin... viscose, cottons, linen, bamboo can make for a cooler and more comfortable summer season. In Autum and Winter a heavier base fabric or merino can give you a breathable but warmer base.
✅ Basic check
The basics are pretty much the glue to the wardrobe and with have the right balance of basics this makes for a stress free ‘getting dressed’ in the morning. 
Base cami long
Base cami short
Sleeve base long
Sleeve base short
Sleeve base merino
Wide leg or straight leg pant
Slim line pant
Base legging or tights
3/4 or 7/8 pant and or legging
Learn how this selection of basics can open up and tranform the wardrobe in the UEW ebook.
The KEY to wearing layers of black
✅ Try different textures & fabrics
As an example 3 different fabrics that define each layer of black - Black knit, flowy chiffon & structured jacket
✅ Add jewels to brighten up & add detail
✅ Use coloured accessories for a pop of colour
✅ Try shoes with a chunky heal or lace to add detail to the look
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If you find yourself only wearing a small portion of what's in your wardrobe...
Shopping tip - Only add new pieces that go with at least 3 different things in the wardrobe this is a sure way to wear the new piece 3 x more than buying something that only really goes with one thing.
Think cost per wear when shopping... invest into quality pieces that will wash and wear for years to come this is a sure way to make the most out of what you are adding.
Event wear - When shopping for your Summer events, choose styles that you can team up with other items in your wardrobe to maximise use out of the money you are investing. As an example a dress jacket for an occasion, you could team up with a t-shirt to bring it back to suit your lifestyle.
Wearing a Style to being Styled - we talked about in the lounge last week about how you can take an ordinary style and take it to the next level by styling it up... here are the 7 things that you can use to take your style from being 'just a top' to 'being styled' 
1 Shoes
2 Earrings
3 Necklace
4 Bags
5 Scarves, gloves, ponchos
6 Jacket, cardi
7 Belt
Here's my top 3 tips for a wardrobe transition...
1. If you have been shopping with Key Black for a while we do try and keep it limited to the pieces that you can only wear for a particular season. So my first tip would be to check through your basics and work out what ones will work for Spring and summer. The fabrics that are good for these seasons are... Viscose, Cottons, Linen. 
Keep these fabrics next to the skin.
2. Next up for layering you want the lightest of light pieces to team up with your base pieces. I do wear chiffons and polyester if they are over top of my Viscose spandex basics. The more natural fabrics close to the skin and the Polyester type fabrics next to the basics. I get super hot so I prefer sleeveless in the not so natural fabrics then a light cardi that I can put over if I want arm cover.
3. I need to do this one!!! Add a pop of colour to brighten up your wardrobe... for me I am thinking this new cami might do the trick a touch of white instantly says "Spring is here"
Styling Jeans…
✅ Comfort matters and this is my number 1 tip! If they are not comfortable please leave them in the shop!!!
✅ Shape - Visit a retailer who can advise you on a good shape for your body. When you have comfort and the correct shape you will love pulling out the jeans!
A wee guide (not rules)
Me - Slim leg / Curvy upper body = Slim jean
Curvy through thigh = Straight to wide for comfort arpund your curvy bits
Smaller up top = Boot leg can add balance!
✅ Fit = I love jeans with a bit of stretch for comfort, check with your retailer how much they will stretch before buying as there’s nothing worse than a pair of pants you have to pull up all day! If they are super stretch go down a size!
High waisted… with jeans I find it important to get a high waist this helps with comfort and security through the middle especially when you wear delicate fabrics.
✅ I love Shoes
Again a guide not rules 😃
Sneaker = Expose ankle for a more styled look. Boot = I wear mine to the boot or over the boot to elongate the leg.
Sandle - I follow the same guide as the boot as this works for shorter leg, however a Jean to the top of the sandle works well too.  
✅ Casual Friday at the office - One of my favourite looks right now is a blazer or a worky jacket with jeans. Now this is how you do casual Friday!!!
✅ Play… View some fun looks in the video teamed with different shoes for different occasions.
Note - We do not sell jeans at KB I think my ones were from Off the Rac, all other items are from the store except for my shoes these are from my wardrobe 😜
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If you are having a blah morning… lift your mood by accessorising ⬇️

💪 When you feel good on the outside, this helps to improve how you feel on the inside

💪 When you add some of your favourite things this can add confidence to your look!

💪 On my low days I get up shower, dress in something comfy and nice with accessories of course… I then get the house sorted (ambiance) & then I do something that makes me feel better like music or lighting a candle or walking the dog or having a coffee outside, that’s when it’s not negative degrees outside like today!

Your stylist
Rachelle x
Don’t forget your eBook!!!