Let’s get wardrobe sorted!


⭕️ Being able to easily find what you need everyday

⭕️ Having multiple looks by not adding loads of new stuff to the wardrobe 

⭕️ Having endless styling options… to suit your lifestyle 

⭕️ Never having nothing to wear!


Wardrobe audit - the results

✅ You can find everything so you’ll start to wear more of what’s in the wardrobe 

✅ Your wardrobe is sorted and organised

✅ You have a wardrobe full of what suits your lifestyle   

✅ You know you have all bases covered… weekend, work, social, play 🥂

✅ You gain confidence because you only have what fits you and what you love in the wardrobe 

✅ You no longer have lone rangers in the wardrobe (those pieces that go with nothing else)

✅ You have an action plan and a wish list of the gaps in your wardrobe




The Wardrobe audit… ever wished there was someone to help you sort through the wardrobe?

Well… as requested the wardrobe audit has now been added as a service we offer! If you are serious about sorting through the wardrobe, cleaning out and organising the wardrobe plus learning how to style what’s in the wardrobe to create endless styling options… the wardrobe audit could be for you… but I have also added the 8 steps that I use as part of this service below so if you’re more a DIY type person follow the free guide below and get sorted today!

So if you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, or you just need help to sort through the wardrobe because we all know how this task can be daunting! Below is the exact process I use when working through any wardrobe… 

You can get started yourself with my wardrobe audit tips below or if you want to get seriously sorted you can book our wardrobe and styling specialist to do the wardrobe audit with you in person! [Other areas there are additional travel costs that depend on where in New Zealand you are]

Wardrobe audit = $580 or 4 fortnightly payments of $145… 

The wardrobe audit includes the Style me program (valued at $278) this is free on purchase of the Wardrobe audit.  

DIY - To get you started 

There’s 8 steps to sorting through the wardrobe. It may seem daunting and maybe you have pieces in there from 100 years ago but once you follow this system it is easy. 

1. Prepare, organise and plan

Do you need any additional storage for the wardrobe? Containers, shoe rack, hangers? The hanger trick could be a useful pre wardrobe audit too.

You can watch the Hanger trick here, I recommend  completing this part prior to auditing the wardrobe ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

2. Donations basket

The best tip I have picked up online… get a small basket or container to keep in the wardrobe. This basket will collect those styles that I call the put on, take off pieces. You want to wear it and you want to love it but it just doesn’t work.

You can also add to this basket as you spy the pieces you are not wearing a lot. 


5 things to remove from the wardrobe 

Put on take off pieces - you know the ones you really want to love but every time you put it on it just does not look right! Move it out it’s never going to look right! These pieces likely do not suit your bodyshape or you are not comfortable in this style and comfort is number 1 so move it out please 🙏

Damaged clothing - It’s so hard to say goodbye! The good ole favourites that maybe stained, holed, rips, yes those ones… is it time to let go and find some new favourites!?

Clothing you’ve never worn - yes you, I know you have a label on something in the wardrobe… why are you not wearing it? Maybe because it’s not you or you brought it on sale but don’t love it? Move it out or maybe sell it to make money to buy more of what you are going to wear!

Things that don’t mix and match. The pieces with no friends. Lone rangers are no good to us in the wardrobe… if they don’t work with other pieces donate to someone who will make this work in their wardrobe! If you have multiples of these you need to take a look at the Ultimate everyday wardrobe guide… this will help you create a wardrobe with endless styling options because everything mix’s and matches! 

Pieces that are too small or too big - scary I know… but what I have discovered styling woman over the years - if you are at your curvy size and keep what some call ‘skinny clothes’ the likely hood of you wearing them once you drop back down in size is slim… so ditch the skinny clothes and invest in right now clothes. Right now clothes can make you feel great & the feeling of great can give you the confidence to meet your weight goals. Also you’ll be so excited when you reach your goals you will want to buy new clothes! 

Same goes if you have lost weight but keeping your favourite too big clothes… these need to go unless you can style them in a way to flatter the body. They go because 1. You don’t want to grow back into them. 2. Sell them so you can buy some new pieces that fit you now! (Alternatively donate them to someone who needs them in their life)

4. Shoes - now let’s talk shoes… our shoes deserve a home too, how are you storing yours? The floor is no home - try doing this 

Invest in a shoe rack - when you can view your shoes you will wear them more! Change up the looks and enjoy. 

Book case hack - I didn’t like the look of the shoe racks at the places I viewed so I brought a couple of cheap bookcases and this is where my shoes live. I laid them on their side and each book case fits 4 pairs of shoes (the sneakers & flat sandal type shoes I stack in one of these cubbys.) I put my boots and heals along the top of these bookcases and I can clearly view my options. 

5. Accessories 

6. Bag lady

7. Just stuff

Think scarves, necklaces, earrings, sports gear, keepsakes, hair accessories, gloves etc… these things all need a home. When auditing this is where containers and dividers come in handy. 

In my wardrobe I have… (when I refer to cubby these are like a soft box/drawer thing 😂)


Container for excess handbags 

Container for hair stuff 

Container for sports stuff (swim shoes, boxing gloves, goggles etc)

Container for excess accessories - the not everyday pieces go in here - keep handy so you can grab as required. They are not in storage they need to be displayed for easy access.

Container for keepsakes - for those special things that you want to keep. 


Cubby for rolled up scarves - side ways so I can view them all. 

Cubby for - gloves, hats, face masks


Small bookcase laid sideways - On one side I have smaller handbags and wallets - The second gap I have makeup type stuff - The third gap I have more small bags - the fourth gap I have additional scarves. 

On top of the bookcase I have my makeup holders. 

8. Now for the clothes…

There are a couple of ways you can tackle this part, first I’ll take you through how I sort and organise mine. 

By style - I have mine hung in order of getting dressed.

Basics at the front 

Followed by pants






You want to be able to easily find and view what you have and because my items are quite dark I like to know where everything is situated. So so so easy to get ready in the morning! 

Another popular way to organise and sort is by colour.  Same thought process, you want to be able to quickly go to an item when getting organised in the morning. 

End of audit challenge…

Feeling inspired? I always set my audit ladies a challenge at the end of a audit because if you’re like me you may discover pieces you haven’t seen or worn for a while when you first put this system in place and you’re feeling super inspired by your new, sorted and organised wardrobe!… the challenge is easy - let’s do this!

1️⃣ Wear a different outfit everyday for the next 10 days

2️⃣ Step up your accessory wearing skills & change up your pieces daily for the next 10 days 

To help with your DIY audit…

To have a wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle you need to have the right balance of styles to cover all occasions. From day to work, social, weekend and special occasions.

Some useful questions to ask yourself to help decide what to keep 👇

❓Can I wear this with at least 3 different things in my wardrobe? 

A piece you can style 3 ways will get worn 3 X more than your lone rangers. 

❓Is this piece limited to one pair of pants or one jacket?

Sometimes you may need to add a couple of basics to work your styles in different ways to make them more useful in the wardrobe. 

Example a long slip that you can wear under all tops and shirts to change them up from the traditional way you maybe wearing it.

❓Can you style this piece up or down to suit your lifestyle? 

We don’t want too many pieces saved for good if you live a smart casual lifestyle. You are better to invest in everyday pieces that can be dressed up for occasions. 

❓How can I make this piece work for all seasons? 

Check in to see if you have a base that could transform all your summer styles so you can wear them in the cooler season too. 

When investing into the wardrobe you want pieces that can work for multiple seasons and they need to suit what you do on a day to day basis.

After years of styling woman and analysing the best way to work a wardrobe, I have discovered exactly what you need to create the Ultimate wardrobe that will give you endless styling options with limited pieces. Balance to this system is key to bring everything together with just 22 key pieces. This doesn’t mean 22 pieces only… you just need to check in to see if you have styles already that can represent these styles, (90% of woman have 90% already in the wardrobe) this will open up your wardrobe and styling options. 

Recommended base styles [9]

Recommended middle pieces 

Recommended over pieces 

Recommended finishing touches 


DIY by following the above steps or get help with a wardrobe audit! Once you’re sorted you’re sorted!


Wardrobe audit - in person service (4 -6 hours)

✅ A complete organise and sort through styles you have in the wardrobe 

✅ Discover what suits your body shape and why

✅ Learn what you need to suit your lifestyle

✅ We go through the 8 steps to a a sorted wardrobe 

✅ Includes ‘Style me’ styling session  


💕 Your stylist and wardrobe expert… Rachelle x