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As requested I have now added our Wardrobe Audit service!!! So many times I have been asked… Can you or I wish you could come to my house to go through my wardrobe… well finally this service has been added as an option if your serious about getting sorted this season! 

This is a in person service to help sort through your wardrobe located in your wardrobe. It is available in Christchurch and surrounding areas. Other areas there are additional travel costs that depend on where in New Zealand you are. 

Wardrobe audit (4 - 6 hours)

✅ A complete organise and sort through styles you have in the wardrobe 

✅ Discover what suits your body shape and why

✅ Learn what you need to suit your lifestyle

✅ We go through the 8 steps to a a sorted wardrobe  

1️⃣ Prepare / Organise / Plan

2️⃣ Donations basket

3️⃣ 5 things to remove from the wardrobe

4️⃣ Shoes

5️⃣ Accessories 

6️⃣ Bag lady

7️⃣ Just stuff 

8️⃣ The clothes 

The process in detail click here.

The results

✅ Ultimate everyday wardrobe

✅ You can find everything so you’ll start to wear more of what’s in the wardrobe 

✅ Your wardrobe will be sorted and organised

✅ Confidence in styling your body shape

✅ A wardrobe full of what suits your lifestyle   

✅ On completion you will have endless styling options

✅ Wish list on the styles you are missing from the wardrobe

DIY and to prepare you for your wardrobe audit CLICK HERE

On purchase of this service you will receive a quick booking form and questionnaire. 

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